Update: Butterfly Love To Shoot In Alaska, April 21st!

 Ralph Server and TriQuest films announce a new film starring Val Kilmer, Mischa Barton and Philipp Durand.  The film is called BUTTERFLY LOVE. It is a story of star crossed lovers.   

The story is set in wondrous Alaska -  in the towns of Seldovia and Homer. Principal photography begins April 21st, 2014 for a six week shoot.  It is a drama about the power of love to transform.

Nazanin Boniadi rounds out the cast in the role of Sarah and Michel Legrand will compose the music score. Al Kasha is set to compose the love theme.  Both musicians are Academy Award Winners and share four academy awards between them.   

An additional unnamed Academy Award Winner may be added to the cast for which the company  is presently in negotiations.    

A New Drama Coming Soon: Butterfly Love!

  • Tagline:

She never thought that Love would be having to choose between life and death, until that day...

  • Plot Outline:

ALASKA. EMMA, an American girl aspiring to become a sculptor, is struggling between her job as a waitress and a failing relationship with her wealthy boyfriend, JEFFREY. She soon shares a mutual physical attraction with JEAN-PIERRE, an unsuccessful French painter working in an antique shop. But Emma's strange behavior, characterized by tormenting and unexplained panic attacks, jeopardizes both Jean-Pierre's and her life at times.

Production Status

Status: Pre-production
Update: 21 April 2014

  • Genre: Drama
  • Production Companies: Triquest Films/Triquest Entertainment  LLC [us]
  • Cast:

Name: Kilmer, Val

Name: Barton, Mischa
Character: Emma
Status: cast


Name: Durand, Philipp (I)
Character: Jean Pierre
Status: cast

  • Writers: Durand, Philipp (I)
  • Producers:

Name: Server, Ralph
Occupation: producer

Name: Giovannucci, Matthew
Assistant to Mr. Server

  • Filming Locations: Seldovia, Alaska, USA

Coming Soon! Ralph Server Brings you: THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS!

A high-priced prostitute engages in a scheme to pull off the biggest heist in the history of Connecticut with a man she barely knows.  The film examines her life before and after her liaison with the mysterious stranger.

French actor Philippe Durand is slated to star alongside European star Magdalena Rozczka in Ralph Server's "The Devil Never Sleeps."  The film will begin lensing late this year - or early next year. 

Also Coming Soon: Haggarty's Way, a haunting upcoming western!

Haggarty's Way is a spectacular western drama that reminds you of the old Hollywood classic movies. Ralph Server is polishing the last draft of the script and plans to shoot the film sometime in 2013. The location the director is interested in is Arizona, where so many classic westerns, especially John Wayne's films, have been shot. Ralph Server himself has a story to tell in relation with the unforgettable John Wayne and his production company, at that time Batjac Productions. (see About Triquest)

After the slaughter of a dozen Chinese immigrants, a mysterious stranger, a hard-bitten American cowhand who has been with Pancho Villa as a gunner, comes home to clean up a town and avenge the senseless murder of his best friend - one of the victims of the massacre.

Two films, The Zero Stone and Haggarty's Way, shall be in production in 2013.

The Zero Stone is slated for filming in 2013!

The Zero Stone. It is the story of a woman who makes a tragic mistake in her youth and attempts to find meaning in life through denial and self-sacrifice.

Deep in the jungles of the Amazon she flees the convent, gives up all worldly pleasure, and even the man she loves, to settle in the most dangerous and remote regions of the Amazon, deep in Piaroa country and beyond.   Her sin was leaving a child unattended while a nurse at the Sisters of the Crucifixion convent.  In a youthful tryst with an impatient lover, and at his insistence, she left a child unattended-which resulted in the child's death.  Never during the passing years would she forget her tragic mistake.

Now in her mid-thirties and dedicated to her father, she is alone and a spinster. She works with her father in the dangerous Amazonia region where gold miners commit murderous acts of violence against Indian peoples, causing hatred of the white man and acts of retaliation. Unexpectedly, she finds herself projected
into adventure when a plane crash occurs  and the waning life of a small child motivates her to action.  

Ten surviving passengers, each with an agenda, struggle to escape from the dangers of a savage country.  There was Rico, the adventurous bush pilot, the cynic, who would impact her like no man ever had.  He would not work with her. A man with no sympathy for others, who lived only for himself.  And for his mortgaged-to-the-hilt small plane. He knew they would not get out alive, so he would help no one.  Not even this beautiful phantom of a woman.

Here is the story of a woman's struggle, told in dramatic action.  The night she was almost strangled by a "Garimpeiro.'  The morning she found a knife in the back of a missionary nun.  Her attempt to stop the massacre of a small tribe of Yanonami Indians massacred by  illegal gold miners.  These and other true incidents make up  "The Zero Stone."  

The story tells of a cowardly author, a whining professor, a proud prostitute, two cut-throat thieves, stolen diamonds, a ring with mysterious powers, and the most dangerous snake in the world - a man called Brazo, thief, brute, rapist, murderer.

But at the center of it all is the figure of Rico and what he must become.  The man he is to be, wants desperately to become, is at the heart of this love story set in an exotic locale.  It is Rico who must confront the woman he loves and the nightmare he dreads, for it is up to him to transform the monstrous into the miraculous - something that he has not been able to do in his own anybody's life.  

For Rico to witness this extraordinary woman evokes in him a kind of noble experience.  And for her, at the point where all seems hopeless, even when it seems she is taken over by despair, she commits herself to actions inconceivable to the woman she thinks herself to be.  And yet, though she is willing to let life slip through her fingers, life will not let her go.  A stubborn concern for her own dignity compels in her a fledgling moral strength, and she is, at last, surprised into accepting life, ridiculous, tragic life.

The exotic landscape of Brazil, its flaura and fauna, its music and people, is evoked, but a deeper more elemental country beckons.  The farthest reaches of Brazil's wild west throws two people together by chance . . . neither aware of the astonishing destiny that awaits them. THE ZERO STONE begins in a convent where a young and beautiful woman fails herself and those around her.  It ends twelve years later deep in the jungles of South America, in a small village, where the conflict within herself is at last resolved.

Black Whisper is now slated for filming in 2014!

Black Whisper. In the not-too-distant future, the world has changed. The New World Order has risen in power, uniting with the European Union to steal governments - and freedom. The French and English have taken down the United States which has become an economic wasteland; and high technology exists only for the elite.

Paris is once again the center of art and culture, and has regained its status as one of the world's major global cities.

In the Byzantine world of occupied France, Claire, a beautiful, inexperienced young girl of good family is determined to find her sister Mary who has disappeared under mysterious and provocative circumstances. Both have been victims of MK Ultra experiments and the powers-that-be have placed them at the center of an exclusive thrill-seeking world, and into a labyrinth of sexuality.  A rakish ex-patriot American detective, in pursuit of of the murder of a high-level communist official, and ex Hollywood mogul, wastes no time in earning the confidence of the young girl.  

Jacques Ripley, an amoral Frenchman, insinuates himself into the house of the wife of the murdered official, and is  the number one suspect of the brutal murder.  He is cool, and understated.  With consummate precision, he woos and seduces the wife of the murdered man. Together, with the haunted young woman,( Szabina Chantal of the House of Green), Ripley plunges into a dizzying spiral of danger and love, locked in a harrowing struggle with a cunning and ruthless adversary.  Ripley knows this is his time to flourish - a time not far from today, a world not far from chaos. 

But what price must he pay to live in that world? And If he fails, will he become a hunted fugitive?

A Dr. Zhivago Epic Film! Six Days of Glory Coming Soon!!!

Six Days of Glory. The place: Budapest, 1956. The background: The Hungarian Revolution. The theme - the shattering impact of violence on adolescence. This film pays tribute to the youngsters who fought in the revolt against the Communists which began on Tuesday, October 23, 1956, in the city of Budapest.

It describes six passion and violence-filled days in the life of one 15-year-old boy. Only 15, the story is told through his eyes. And there is a suspenseful Hitchcock quality to the boy's eye-view. It begins as the boy and his father plot the assassination of M, a top Hungarian communist. The practice session for the murder at once sets the tempo of the story - one of hurtling events marked by tragedy.

The boy's real ordeal begins with the outbreak of a spontaneous uprising where he sees his father shot, his brother hanged, and the city engulfed in an orgy of killing. He is catapulted into action; and vows to find and kill M. The boy's strength and courage emerge during the manhunt. He prowls the streets of Budapest with a machine gun, in search of the Communist leader he has sworn to assassinate. Then in the heat of battle he learns about love from an older woman and a girl of his own generation. Six days filled with life and death.

He shoots it out with secret police and Russian soldiers from cellar to rooftop. He treks through the streets of Budapest with his sweetheart, orphaned and alone, with a sense of terror and suspense. Six days that might destroy any boy. Instead it turns him into a man. The action covers only six days but reminds us that there are people who stand ready to die for the cause of freedom. The boy was there during that uprising. This film is what he saw. Six days of freedom. Six glorious days of notice to the world that the desire for freedom exists in everyone.

That freedom is worth living and dying for, no matter what. This is his story...

Without Mercy: NY Film Festival Grand Jury Award.

Ralph Server's film won "best picture" at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2005. The Grand Jury Prize is the Festival's top award. Server's film captured the top award and received a standing ovation at Quinnipiac University in CT on its first rough cut. His film created quite a controversy when a young woman fainted watching one of the most "over-the-top" miscarrige scenes ever portrayed on film.

Server's film tells "the tale of Ken Rex McElroy, the town bully called "the barbarian of Nodaway County," who was disposed of in 1981 by a group of vigilantes. As Barry Gifford aptly said in the New York Times: He (Ken Rex) "was an unapologetic brutalizer . . ." and "irredeemable thief . . ." Server's film examines the life of the most hated man in Missouri.

Ralph Server Produced Hidden Obsession: 1993.

TV news anchor Ellen Carlyle (Heather Thomas) is due for a vacation and not a moment too soon. On her last night at work, a crazy vagrant breaks into the studio and takes Carlyle hostage until cameraman Joey (Nick Celozzi) subdues him. When Carlyle loses her ride, chivalrous Joey also drives her to her remote woodland vacation cabin. That same night, mad killer Lapier (Chicki), whom Carlyle helped lock up with her crack reporting, escapes from a nearby prison.

Joey returns to Carlyle's cabin the next day and tries to lure her out of vacationing to help him cover the manhunt. He finds, however, that Carlyle has other plans with ruggedly handsome deputy Ben Scanlon (Jan-Michael Vincent), who had dropped by the night before to check up on her and wound up staying the night.

Carlyle asks Joey to check up on Scanlon on the sly, and what Joey finds out is not reassuring. Scanlon had apparently been fired six months earlier, although he has somehow managed to retain both his uniform and police vehicle. Joey is unable to reach Carlyle because she is having a torrid affair with Scanlon, but it's not long before Scanlon's murderous personality emerges. Preparing to make Carlyle his latest victim, Scanlon is interrupted by Joey, allowing Carlyle to get the drop on him and kill him after he declares his love for her. "Love hurts," she quips as she pulls the trigger...

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